“Work hard in silence. Let success make the noise.”

Moe’s message to herself is our guidance to build and provide resources for female soccer student athletes and their academic opportunities.

Honoring leadership and excellence in memory of Moe

The mission of the Kaitlyn “Moe” Rosensteel Scholarship Foundation is to provide opportunities and resources for female soccer student athletes who show leadership, passion, character, academic excellence and love for the game of soccer, that translates into the pursuit of academic and athletic excellence at the collegiate level.


Through various events, the Foundation fundraises to support and provide opportunities for student athletes to perform and play the game they love. The foundation always can use volunteers.

Meet Moe

Kaitlyn “Moe” Rosensteel was 18 years old when we lost her. She was loved by many people, family, friends and those who got to know her throughout the different parts of her life.

Most knew Moe the soccer player. She loved the game since she was a little girl and excelled at it as she grew older. The game provided her purpose and lifelong friendships, and her hard work opened a pathway to college.

Moe loved to hang out with her friends, sister and family to just sit and laugh. She was the family Roast King and was able to roast anyone in the family and make you laugh while doing it.

Most of all, Moe enjoyed life. She lived a life during her 18 years that most hope to live well into their later years.

Moe with Lollipop
2023 Moe Rosensteel Scholarship Foundation Logo
Sofia DeCerb with Scholarship check

Congratulations to Sophia Decerb of Greater Latrobe Senior High School

Sophia is the winner of the 2023 Kaitlyn “Moe” Rosensteel Scholarship. Upon graduation, Sofia will be attending James Madison University to major in Elementary Education and will be part of the women’s soccer team.

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Moe Rosensteel Most Outstanding Player 2022

The Kaitlyn “Moe” Rosensteel Scholarship Foundation, along with its committee panel, is proud to announce the 2022 Moe Rosensteel Most Outstanding Player Award Winner:

Hailey Longwell, Moon Area High School

Hailey Longwell

Photo Credit: Justin Berl

Golf Ball on Tee with Moe86 Logo

The Moe Rosensteel Ugly Golf Shirt Scramble

Butler’s Golf Club, Sunday, October 8, 2023

This is the event to break out that Ugly Golf Shirt that is sitting in the back of your closet and wear it with pride.

In 2023, we had our first Kaitlyn “Moe” Rosensteel Scholarship Foundation — a unique golf outing and an event we know that will be exciting and fun for years to come!

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Moe Rosensteel Most Outstanding Player Award

The award is given annually to a Western PA, high school student athlete whose play, leadership and passion for the game emulates that of the award’s namesake, Moe.

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Kaitlyn “Moe” Rosensteel Scholarship

The Foundation awards a female soccer player who will be advancing into college to further her academic excellence while still playing the game she loves.

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Get Involved

Through various events, the Foundation fundraises to support and provide opportunities for student athletes to perform and play the game they love. The Foundation always can use volunteers.

Soccer Ball in Net

The Moe86 Community

We’re part of the soccer community surrounding Western, PA, where we have watched our family and friends grow up, compete and successfully move onto the next chapters of their lives. This community is the base for support of our Foundation.

Moe Smiling Wearing a Hat

Purple Pic for Moe

If you can make one person smile or laugh once a day, it was a good day. To celebrate Moe’s birthday on October 6 and remind people to smile, the Foundation encourages people and teams to wear purple and share their pics on social media.

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Keep up to date with the latest news and events

Our mission never ends. There’s always something going on to continue Moe’s spirit. Check here for the latest news about the Foundation, upcoming special events, new apparel and more.

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